Brain Supplements

Brain supplements help repair the brain and create new and stronger brain cells that boost overall brain performance. Food supplements to support the brain may also contain substances that support blood circulation, such as vitamins needed for brain function, such as folate. 

Another vitamin important for brain function is  B-12 because they isolate and build brain neurons. Getting enough vitamin B12 helps with concentration, improves mental clarity, gives energy, supports general cognitive function, helps with mood and improves mood. 

Fish oil and creatine can also meet the brain's needs. It is the perfect cognitive enhancer, available in a variety of forms such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and even vitamins and minerals. 

Studies have shown that 200 to 400 mg of ginseng, among other cognitive effects, could reduce brain fatigue and improve brain performance. Studies have also shown that L-tyrosine can improve memory and cognition when the brain is under stress - short-term.