Essential Men's Health Supplements

Men require different levels of nutrients compared to women. Even if you eat balanced nutrition, it's hard to get all the vitamins and minerals recommended. Before you opt for any supplement, consult with a specialist as there are thousands of brands available. Here is a detailed piece on the best men's health supplements to improve familiar deficiencies.


Magnesium is vital for overall wellness. It is vital for blood sugar control, protein synthesis, and nerve function. Yet, surprisingly people don't get enough of this mineral. So eat high in magnesium foods—spinach, almonds, bananas, and black beans to increase your magnesium intake.

Raising your magnesium intake is vital, but also is supplementation. Research has it that magnesium supplement intake can support blood levels of testosterone, especially if exercise is incorporated. Also, the correct dosage promotes strength, sexual health, and general well-being.

The recommendation for men 19-30 years old is 400mg every day while men aged 31 years and above 420mg.


They are suitable for your whole body's health. Omega is polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are known to help the cardiovascular system, joints, and brain health.

Omega-6 is commonly found in processed vegetable oil and is not healthy. However, men should consider taking more omega-3 than omega-6. Men take 15 times more omega-6s than Omega-3's. You can get omega3's in fish but also in foods like walnuts, sardines, and flaxseeds. So if you need more omega3, you can increase it through supplements with fish oil.

Note: Fish oil processing is different for various companies. So, when buying, get it from the best brand.


It's not well known as other minerals and vitamins. However, you can get boron from foods like chickpeas, prunes, almonds, and raisins. It's responsible for bone wellness, immune response, and brain function. Unfortunately, men rarely incorporate fruits in their diets, and this is a cause for low boron levels. Although not a common mineral, it has spectacular properties.

Saw Palmetto Extract

It was used in the early days as a treatment for prostate well-being. Saw palmetto is a bush tree with darkish berries indigenous to the United States, Europe, and Africa. The palmetto berries were a source of medicine and diet for Native Americans before the European establishment.

They were also used to treat urinary tract issues and reproductive health. However, clinical data has supported that saw palmetto can help support a healthy prostate. So, before using it, seek medical help for clarity.

It's hard to keep up with a healthy balanced diet and to meet the requirements. But, you can go for supplements to boost your vitamin and mineral intake.